Referral System for Karenderia Multiple Restaurants System & Mobile App v2

Introducing Referral System for Karenderia Multiple Restaurants System. We had been working on various modules and enhancements for the Karenderia Community. As part of that today we are much happy to release the Referral module for Karenderia Systems.

This module adds a referral system for Karenderia Web and Mobile App V2 Only as of now, Single App Support will be added on the next release.

To use this referral module, you must have the Karenderia Loyalty Points Program

(Our Module was working with KMRS Points Program, which is no longer available on Codecayon as Basti removed the plugins, so we are working for our own credit platform, which will be soon out)

Since our Referral module works with Karenderia Loyalty Points Program to credit the Points for referring user and new customers account.

As you know, that referral module needs many code modifications, but for your easy work we had included a good well-documented file for you to add the code to your systems, and on request, we do the installs on the system,


Referral URL Structure 

Customer Referral URL

Example :


When users Signup via Social Channels like Facebook or Google, a window is shown asking them to enter referral codes


Release History

Version 1.2 

Released on 30-09-2020

– Added Referral Link Expiration

– Added Refer points to be only credited on a minimum purchase amount

– Added Options to enter refer code for using joining via Social media channels like Facebook, Google

– Fixed Known Bugs on the software


Version 1.0 ( Initial Release) 

– Add Referral System to Karendeira Web 

– Add Referral System to Karendeira Mobile App V2

– Option for Admin to Set Points to credit for Referring Users and New Customers

– Admin option to Generate Referral Code for All exiting users 

– Customer can share the referral code via app to social media

– Option To Enable and Disable Referral System on App and Website

– Option to add referral offer text on mobile app v2 – Refer to your friend’s page


45023 years Ago

Hello, I have 2 questions, can the following additions / changes be implemented ?:
1) I wanted to know if you can add a field for the expiration of the referall link, i.e. for example this link is valid for 2 weeks, after 2 weeks the link expires and the invited friend can no longer use it

2) can a minimum threshold be added to the price? that is, points are credited only if the invited friend reaches a purchase threshold higher than the threshold set. former. if you reach $ 10 I will credit you 100 points, otherwise not


    45033 years Ago


    Sure we had noted it and passed to our Engineering team, they will update on coming updates.



45053 years Ago

Is it possible to refer a product/food item from a merchant and upon buying the product by invited person, referred person gets points given for that product/food item.


    45063 years Ago


    We had taken a note on this, we will include on the upcoming updates


45073 years Ago

I read the comment on link expiration and price threshold, wanted to know how long this implementation will take? an indicative date? for example is it possible before the end of the month?

thanks and good job


    45083 years Ago


    Our Team is already working on it, within 5 Days or less it will be completed and updates will be released here. We will mail you once its released.

    Thanks, and take care.


45183 years Ago

Hello, I read that there is an update this week then?(“within 5 Days”), with the change suggested by others,
it is confirmed?

I’m looking forward to it!
so i will buy



    45193 years Ago


    Yeah its confirmed update, we are almost done with it, We are doing some test to check the plugin work as we promised.



45213 years Ago

I also join the comments, will there be an update? thank you


    45223 years Ago

    Sure, Updates are done, We are preparing to release today

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Released : 16 September, 2020
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